Support to patients

People diagnosed with hepatitis can count on the assistance of ABPH, totally free of charge.
In our clinics, patients with Hepatitis hold consultations with medical specialists where they receive guidance for the treatment and they can do the Fibroscan exam.
The examination with Fibroscan, also called Transient Elastography, is a technique used to evaluate the degree of rigidity of the liver non-invasively so that there are no risks and complications.
The result is immediate and shows the evolution of the liver’s health, allowing the physician to assess and monitor the progress of the disease independently of the treatment or other factors. The test results also help to predict complications in situations such as liver cirrhosis. Finally, by using CAP tool the degree of hepatic steatosis (fatty infiltration of the liver) and its evolution can be assessed.

This test has a high cost and is not covered by most health plans.

The Association has clinics in the main capitals of Brazil to offer specialized medical care and access to health services. All of this is entirely free of charge.

São Paulo

Av Brigadeiro Luis Antônio, 2344 -7º andar - conjunto 74 Jardim Paulista
Tel: (11) 3251-1888

Rio de Janeiro

R. Visconde de Pirajá, 414 - conjunto 1408 e 1409 - Ipanema
Tel: (21) 3081-5632

Porto Alegre

R. Mostardeiro, 780 - conjuntos 504 e 505 - Moinhos de Vento
Tel: (51) 3407-3509


Av. Santos Dumont, 2828, sala 1401 - Aldeota
Tel: (85) 3016-1415

Belo Horizonte


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