ABPH Cristo Redentor
Humberto Silva

When he discovered that he was infected with Hepatitis, Humberto Silva decided to dedicate his life to fighting the disease. He spent 38 years of his life without even suspecting that he was infected and worse; he had already developed cirrhosis.

For this reason he founded the Brazilian Association of Hepatitis Carriers - ABPH - to be the great ally of the nearly 3 million Brazilians infected with viruses B and C Hepatitis and who still live every day without knowing that they are sick.

It is also part of our mission to work for this cause, promoting it and creating ways for patients already diagnosed to have access to treatment and cure.

Identify patients of viral hepatitis in the World, guide them and direct them to treatment, and bring knowledge to the public about the disease.

Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in the World and save lives while there is time.

Humanity, philanthropy and dedication to the cause.

The World Hepatitis Fund exists to help the 170,000,000 Hepatitis C sufferers around the world including the 90% of this number who are unaware of their plight. It plans to bring awareness to the public, including known sufferers, those who haven´t tested for their condition yet and as a result haven´t been diagnosed, plus the public at large.

The World Hepatitis Fund will promote the testing for Hepatitis C and will seek to help those diagnosed, and their families, by helping them find suitable treatment and hopefully cure them of the disease. It will help draw attention to treatment programs, dietary requirements for HEP C patients and will campaign to make public authorities and health officials more conscious of the disease. It will also endeavor to educate the public about other types of Hepatitis; A, B, D, E and G.

Rotary Eventos

Rotary International is the association of Rotary clubs around the world. Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all occupations through the principals of their Four-Way Test (a moral code for Rotarians) and try to help establish peace and goodwill around the world.

Rotary Club is defined as a nonprofit club for philanthropic and social services to the local and world community.

Rotarians are members of their respective Rotary clubs, which, in turn, are members of Rotary International.

The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the Ideal of Serving as a foundation of every worthy enterprise and helping others by promoting and supporting the following:

The development of acquaintance as the opportunity for service;
The recognition of the value of all useful occupations and the dissemination of rules of professional ethics;
Improving the community by each person having an exemplary conduct in their public and private life;
Bringing together professionals around the world, aiming at consolidating good relations, cooperation and peace among nations.

Its mission is: to help Rotarians and Rotary clubs to achieve the Rotary Objectives, and to support the activities of individuals and service providers in improving the quality of life, maintaining human dignity and promoting understanding and world peace.

Its principal moto is "Service Above Self"

We are setting up a R.A.G - Rotary Action Group (currently in formation) to tackle the disease around the world.

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